Philafrik is a London based womenswear brand focusing on clean cuts, shapes, specialist techniques, fabric manupulations and style. It is a blend of African Cultures and Western flair which empowers women to make them feel confident in themselves and to ease the pressures of difficulties in finding personified clothes that are unique to them.

We are here to help you find what to wear according to the occasion hence, why we offer Made -to - Measure services to suit the needs of our customers. This is also to give our clients the opportunity to communicate with us and get close to their design needs.

Philafrik is eco-aware in terms of sustainability by touching on producing limited quantities which is tackling Overproduction in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by not holding stock and utilising our deadstock appropriately. The fashion industry is filled with waste and we aim to do our possible best not to add to the recent happenings. We produce most of the outfits as and when an other is placed. We are very caucious about the tripple P; which takes into account caring about People, Planet and Profit. 

Working in retail store some time past, a lot of people came to me in helping them find party dresses especially people of colour. They mostly could not find outfits suitable for African weddings and special occasions which is why Phiafrik has come to help solve some of the problems women face when choosing outfits for special events.

Philafrik is your one - stop - shop to find outfits from day wear to special occasion.

Thank you for surporting a small business.